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Truckee River Fishing Report: Weekly Guide Report August 1st - 5th

Future Fishing:

This is to help people on planning future trips to the Reno/ Tahoe area and the fishing that can be happening.

Truckee River:

California: September and October are really shaping up to be a great month for fishing. California side should start to see the October Caddis moving around and fish still being on crayfish!

Nevada: August, September and October are looking great! we can walk wade the Nevada side of the Truckee River. As temps drop which should be mid-September at the latest, we will begin running float trips. This can be a great time for throwing Streamers in the mornings and Dry flies in the afternoon with Micro caddis and Micro BWO's starting around mid-morning and finishing off in the midafternoon.

Little Truckee River:

With all the water we have the Little Truckee River will fish great into winter. the bugs and the fish will be happy! Although this summer fishing preassure has been alot, and the fish will be well on their way to having thier PhD's in flies, this can be a great time for dry fly action, with October Caddis starting mid September followed by micro BWO's starting in mid October and into Nov. If you like Technical dry fly fishing this is the river and time frame for you!

Pyramid Lake:

Pyramid Lake is posed to be a great opener! with all the water we got last winter and spring, the bait fish and Lohanton Cutthroats are happy and should be Fat!! The First two weeks of the lake opening can be great fishing out the float tubes! don't miss out on this opportunity!!

Last week Fishing Report:

This Last week, most of the guide trips were ran on the Truckee River in California and Nevada.

Flows have stabilized and water temperatures are holding steady! Most mornings are starting off in the mid 50's in California and low 60's on the Nevada side of the Truckee River.

Trips on the California side have done really well with Dry dropper fishing, summer stones are in full swing, and the fish are looking for the nymphs. running a larger hopper to support the weight and running a small mayfly behind has been a great formula. Even running it faster pocket water. Euro-nymphing has been getting some fish for clients in the bigger water.

The Nevada side of the Truckee has been fishing really well in Reno and west of town, Euro-nymphing has been crushing fish, with running a streamer as your anchor fly and a small BWO or Caddis 3-4 feet behind the streamer. Fish are starting to look for crayfish and are starting to eat them. There are a ton of small BWO's under rocks right now and the fish still like eating them, size 16-18 have been the best for myself and clients fishing.

If you have questions or want to book a trip e-mail me, or go to the website and you can book online!

As Always,

Here's to Bucking Trout!



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